Photo Diary: India|January 2019.

Squeezing through the narrow aisle of the plane to finally sit on the cramped seats of the economy class, yet it feels comfortable after the chaotic journey through the airport lines and checks. The bustling sound through the plane rings; children crying/laughing, excited mutters, annoyed groans and quiet chatters. I look out of the tiny […]

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Kalsi-Dance Drape.

My source of inspiration is largely influenced through vintage Indian fashion, specifically through the periods between 18-19th centuries, flawlessly showcasing the numerous drapes and ethnic jewellery worn by women. I genuinely love way the women have portrayed themselves with elegance and power. With inspiration to this, I decided to recreate these elements, specifically using the […]

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The 6/9-Yard Story

The 6/9-yards of unstitched fabric empowers you with elegance, drawing you closer to the known origins and cultural characteristics. Growing up I have seen my love for sarees evolve. Currently the endless drapes, pleats and gathers feel empowering, understanding the depth of history and cultural factors surrounding it. The countless draping styles adds to the […]

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Conceptual: The Afternoon

CONCEPT: The summer afternoons spent with endless words pouring from the pages. The gentle breeze carrying the warmth across the room as my eyes close against the light. The perfect summer afternoon… Concept and Photography| Rashmi Mhaprolkar.

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